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Create Bright Accents For Cheap Home And Garden Design Online

Home Outside simplifies the landscaping process of your property.

Home Outside gives you easy access to the tools and services you need to design your landscape and plant your garden. You can design it yourself with our desktop and mobile applications, use our design templates and regional planting guides, and get personalized help from our national network of design experts when you need it.

The holiday season and tours are underway and nothing makes your home more attractive on winter evenings than landscape lighting.

How to make an interence lighting

In the entrance garden presented here, guests have no doubt about which door to use and how to get there. In addition, the warm light of the porch chandelier makes them feel welcome even before being inside. Floor-level lighting is conveniently placed to illuminate the sidewalk for added security while creating an atmosphere of anticipation for a festive and comfortable gathering. Use high quality LED bulbs with a warm tone to save energy while reproducing traditional incandescent lamps.

Landscape Design for a Backyard Office Space

The challenge of design

The owner has renovated a small outbuilding to provide office space in her Midwestern suburban property. The owner loved the short commute to work (right in front of the courtyard!), But the entrance was not cleared from the car park at the front of the house, so its customers had trouble finding the door from his office. In addition, the landlord wanted more separation between the office landscape and the landscape of private residences, so that her clients do not accidentally go to the office door and do not walk in her garden.

The outdoor solution at home

To help turn this utility building into an office, Home Outside has developed a simple paved walkway, framed by bushy, shade-tolerant plantations, to help guests head to the office door from the parking lot. At the office door, a small paved patio with bistro seats and window plantings, framed by a white picket fence, made this little building feel more like a cottage than a utility building.

Plantations and fences physically divide the landscape into a backyard for the main house and a front yard for the office, in order to deter stray customers. Finally, beautiful screening plants block the view of public services such as air conditioning.

Residential Landscape Design: A Deck Immersed in Greenery


A small bridge is sometimes all you need. Here, the double sliding doors open onto a small triangular-sized bridge for two people and surrounded by an ocean of foliage. Those who love plants benefit from the “immersed” experience.

The exterior plan of the house

The triangular shape of the bridge provides more usable space than its small area suggests and allows people to feel surrounded by greenery. One of our Home Outside designers created the design below using a simplified palette of inflamed plants repeated throughout the landscape and reproduced in the plantations of the small container located on the deck. A small path is discreetly positioned not to interrupt the view. The recurring plant elements and the floating effect of the railless bridge create a peaceful and harmonious experience.




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